📦FREE SHIPPING on orders over only $29.95! 🚛

Free Shipping offer is exclusive to Domestic buyers and includes everything except large boxes.

Attention: Everything in my store qualifys for the FREE SHIPPING on orders over only $29.95 deal even if the item does not say "FREE SHIPPING!", with the exception of Boxes.  If a Box says "FREE SHIPPING!", than it qualifys for FREE SHIPPING on orders over only $29.99, if not, than you will have to pay the shipping even if your order is over $29.95.  Any order under $29.95 does not qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

Store Terms and Conditions

Condition of the parts in my store

Every item in my store has a description as follows:

Bad condition - I don't sell these items!

Playwear - Parts that have been used heavily and include substantial scratches (usually older parts).

Good used Condition - Acceptable condition for most folks, not bad, but not prime.  Expect the usual light scratches.

Very Good used Conditon - Almost Like New but will have faint scratches.  These parts are in gently played condition.

Like new - Parts that are very close to New, but are still used.  Adult used condition.

New parts are taken directly out of their source and put into sealed bags.


📦 The order process

* New and Used parts are packed seperately, and and depending on the order I will combine certain parts.

* Minifigures, Large Animals, and Large printed parts will be packed seperately to prevent scratching.

* All Minifigures will come assembled to prevent scratching.

Please take the time to rate your experience with me by leaving feedback, but if you have an issue with me, contact me about it prior to leaving Neutral  or Negative feedback.


Thank you for shopping at my store 😀


Shipping Policy

I use PayPal to print out and pay for USPS shipping lables.  This means that I will ship to your PayPal address (unless you tell me otherwise) and you won't have to worry about me copping your address wrong.

* Tracking (if applicable) will be sent Via PayPal.

Refer to my "Delivery Page" for correct shipping rates.  I can't reduce the shipping to the rates shown here because of a BrickOwl ERROR, but I will take this message down as soon as it works.


Add 0.8 ounces to account for packing matereal.

USPS First-Class Package

4 ounces$2.66
5 ounces$2.79
6 ounces$2.92
7 ounces$3.05
8 ounces$3.18
9 ounces$3.34
10 ounces$3.50
11 ounces$3.66
12 ounces$3.82
13 ounces$4.10
14 ounces$4.38
15 ounces$4.66
16 ounces/1 pound$4.94          

Insurance up to $50.00 is available with an additional $2.10


USPS PriorityMail Small Flat Rate Box           $7.20

USPS PriorityMail Medium Flat Rate Box      $13.65

USPS PriorityMail Large Flat Rate Box          $18.90

* Insured up to $70.00



Add 0.8 ounces to account for packing matereal.

Cheaper international shipping methods starting at only $2.29 USD will be added when I can find time.

USPS First-Class Package (International) 

(in USD)zone1:Canada zone2:Mexicozone3   zone4   zone5   zone6    zone7   zone8   zone9  
8 ounces$9.50$11.64$13.54$13.06$13.30$13.06$13.06$12.83$13.30
2 pounds$15.20$20.43$22.33$21.85$22.33$22.09$22.09$21.61$22.33
3 pounds$23.99$31.35$33.25$34.91$33.96$32.78$33.01$30.64$33.01
4 pounds$35.99$45.13$50.11$56.53$48.93$52.73$56.53$50.53$48.93


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